American Kennel Club

4February 2009

The AKC (American Kennel Club) was established in September 1884.  This nonprofit organization is devoted to the advancement of purebred dogs.  The AKC describes a Purebred as a dog whose father and mother belong to the same breed, where both parents are of unmixed descent since recognition of the breed.  The AKC maintains a registry of recognized breeds.  The AKC adopts and enforces rules governing dog shows, field and obedience trials, and fosters interest in the welfare and health of purebred dogs.

A mixed breed dog is born from parents who are not both from the same breed, but at least one of the parent’s breeds is known.

An all-american dog is born from parents whose breeds are unknown.

There are currently 7 canine breed groups established by the AKC:
1.  Sporting
2.  Working
3.  Herding
4.  Terrier
5.  Non-Sporting
6.  Hound
7.  Toy