Anti Jump Training

26January 2018


In this video we discuss one helpful way to get your dog to stop jumping up.  Basically, any time a dog jumps up at you, you should turn away.  If a dog jumps on you and you pet them, you are rewarding them for jumping on you.  If, however, you turn away when a dog jumps up and only pet them when they keep all 4 paws on the ground, you are teaching them that they get attention only when they do NOT jump up.  This can be difficult for some people to put into practice at first.
Remind your guests that come over:  No touch, No talk, No eye contact.  Basically you should ignore a dog until they calm down, and if they jump on you, you should turn away. Remembering these simple rules will go a long way in helping teach your dog (and any other dogs you meet) that being jumped on is not something we like or want.