Antlerz Dog Bones

9December 2012

I had repeatedly been hearing about this amazing new dog chew bone called “Antlerz.”  This is a real deer or elk antler for dog chewing.  After hearing so many of my clients talking about it, I decided to try them myself.  As far as a chew toy goes, I give it a very high rating.  My dogs both enjoyed the Antlerz bone and became very engaged in chewing it.  It is a very healthy bone for dogs as well, since there is nothing artificial added to the product; it is just straight up Antler Bone. This bone does splinter into very small pieces after a while, however, and I would therefore not recommend it for aggressive chewers.  Otherwise, I would highly recommend this chew for your pup.  Great product, fairly inexpensive, it lasts a good amount of time, and they come in many different sizes.

Both my dogs very much enjoyed their Antlerz bones.  I would say the bones lasted about two weeks for Caravaggio and Nekita.  Both of my dogs enjoy bones and chew them fairly quickly.
Depending on your dog’s level of chewing, your bone may last a lot longer.