BML1–Class #5

21February 2015

Basic Manners — Level One, Class #5

Such Good Dogs Basic Manners Class #5
Review of what is Rewarding to Dogs:
1.  Voice
2.  Eye Contact
3.  Touch
Loose Leash Walking
Look/ Watch Me, Basic and the T position
Come when Called, 3 Steps & 3 Rules
Sit & Auto-Sit, Down, and Up
Stay with Release Cue, working on duration (building up time)
Drop It:
When teaching this cue, it is important to be aware of any possible Resource Guarding.  Dogs sometimes think they have a prize, or something they really like, and they want to keep it.  Low level resource guarding are things like lowering the head over an object or putting a paw over it.  High level resource guarding includes growling, air snapping, and biting.
Some dogs learn to guard because humans snatch things.  Never try and steal something from your dog.  Instead we must teach our dogs that all good things are provided by us.  We can trade whatever object they have for something of equal or higher value.
To teach the Drop It Cue:  First give the dog something he likes, such as a toy.  To begin, the dog must have an item in his mouth.  Once the dog is interested in the toy and has it in his mouth, present an item of higher value (treat) directly in front of the dog’s nose.  The dog will drop the toy to get the higher value item or treat.  As the dog drops the toy, say “Drop.”  As you are feeding the dog his reward, remove the toy with your foot at the same time.  Do not allow your dog to snatch the treat then snatch the toy back up.
REMEMBER to Keep Training Going:
Proper Exercise:  Every dog should be walked every day!
Good Relationship with the owner:  When you get frustrated, remember why you got your dog, he’s your buddy, he’s your pal.  Don’t take set-back’s personal.
Socialization:  It is very important to have a dog that is comfortable in as many different situations as possible.  Take your dog everywhere you can, but proceed at your dog’s pace.
Consistency:  Everyone in the household should have all the same rules, all the same cue words and commands, ALL THE TIME!
Generalizing:  Dogs do not generalize well.  It is important to practice everything you learn, everywhere you go.
Training Sessions:  Keep them short and sweet.  3-5 minutes a few times a day.