BML1–Class #6

28February 2015

Basic Manners Level One:

Positive Reinforcement Training
Energy Balance
Marker Word
No Reward Marker
Food Lure
Look/ Watch Me, Basic & the T position
Come when Called, 3 Steps & 3 Rules
Loose Leash Walking
Sit & Auto-Sit
Up/ Stand
(Hand Signals)
Stay with Release Cue
Impulse Control
Leave It
Drop It

Class #6 of Basic Manners Level One is a review of all things learned.  We go over each cue and play different games to improve on each command.  At the end of class #6, each participant is given a certificate of completion.

REMEMBER to Keep Training Going:
Proper Exercise:  Every dog should be walked every day!
Good Relationship with the owner:  When you get frustrated, remember why you got your dog, he’s your buddy, he’s your pal.  Don’t take set-back’s personal.
Socialization:  It is very important to have a dog that is comfortable in as many different situations as possible.  Take your dog everywhere you can, but proceed at your dog’s pace.
Consistency:  Everyone in the household should have all the same rules, all the same cue words and commands, ALL THE TIME!
Generalizing:  Dogs do not generalize well.  It is important to practice everything you learn, everywhere you go.
Training Sessions:  Keep them short and sweet.  3-5 minutes a few times a day.