BML2–Class #5: Adventure Hike

18April 2015

Athena with her dog pack.

Class #5 of Basic Manners is a Group Adventure Hike.  All dogs and their owners will be accompanied by Athena and her pack on a group dog adventure hike.  We will practice using a long line leash during this hike.  Owners and dogs will also practice:  Look, Heel, Loose Leash Walking, and basic socialization skills.

Mac, Devo, Maybe, Caravaggio, & Nekita.

Mac, Devo, Maybe, Caravaggio, & Nekita.

Teefus is working on his dog aggression.
Although he has improved a lot, he still sometimes wears a muzzle for safety.

The dogs with Mac’s mom.

Mac & Maybe loving their dog adventure hike!