Breed of the Month–Afghan Hound

7February 2014

Afghan Hound
Color:  All colors.
Height:  Males:  26-29 inches/ Females:  24-27 inches
Weight:  Males:  60lbs/ Females:  50lbs
Life Span:  12-14 years
Breed Health Concerns:  Allergies, cataracts, chylothorax, bloat, hip dysplasia, and cancer.
Coat:  Fine, silky, and thick, with a top layer of long hair (may have lower jaw beard).
Country of Origin:  Afghanistan
Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.
This beautiful sight hound comes from Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.  The breed was created to be a guardian and protector to both livestock and humans alike.  The breed was developed to be an independent think, with a coat that withstand harsh environments, both cold and hot.  The Afghan Hound did not leave the region until the turn of the 20th century.  The breed is now prized all over the United States for his beauty and grace he shows in the competition ring.
Although the Afghan Hound has great beauty and grace, he is a goofball at heart.  The Afghan Hound is determined and athletic, and will follow his owner anywhere.  Because he is a dog that hunts by sight, care should be taken around smaller animals.
Because the Afghan Hound was bred for hunting quick moving prey, this dog needs to get outside and get plenty of exercise often.   The Afghan Hound will thrive on some quality play time (in a secured area) along with several long walks a day.
For a first-time Afghan Hound owner, a professional groomer is a must.  Because of their think coats, intensive grooming is required.  The coat of the Afghan can only be brushed after being washed so as not to damage the hair.  Extra care must be taken to ensure the dog’s long ear hair stays out of food and water bowls.
Socialization at an early age is especially important to reduce the Afghan Hound’s large prey drive.  Although very intelligent, the independent Afghan can be difficult to train.  For best training results, be sure to use positive-based training methods.  The Afghan Hound excels at many events including:  dog shows, agility, obedience, and lure coursing.