Breed of the Month–Australian Cattle Dog

1September 2010

Australian Cattle Dog

Color:  Blue or red, solid or with markings or speckle.
Height:  Males:  18-20 inches/  Females:  17-19 inches
Weight:  33-50 lbs
Life Span:  10-13 years

Breed Health Concerns:  hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, congenital deafness, and patellar luxation.

Coat:  Dense, short undercoat, with weather-resistent hard, straight outer coat, both smooth.
Country of Origin:  Australia

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

The history of the breed is in its name.  The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to work along-side farmers and cattlemen.  The Australian Cattle Dog has many breeds in its history including:  Australian Kelpie, the Dingo, and Blue Smooth Highland Collie.  This breed was favored for its ability to drive cattle over long distances and in all kinds of weather.

The Australian Cattle Dog is extremely alert, courageous, and intelligent.  This breed has a high prey drive, but is very owner orientated.  This breed excels at obedience, agility, and other field sport games.

I have personally fallen in love with each and every Australian Cattle Dog I have ever met.  They are very loyal dogs that aim to please their owners as much as possible.  Their smaller stature combined with their interesting color blends make them very eye-catching to anyone you might meet.  If properly exercised, the Australian Cattle Dog makes an amazing pet for most living situations.

This is a breed of dog that actually needs some sort of “job.”  The Australian Cattle Dog needs extensive daily mental and physical exercise.

The dense undercoat requires regular brushing.  Occasional baths are sufficient for this breed.

The Australian Cattle Dog is intelligent and quick to learn.  This breed does have a very high prey drive and training in impulse control is very important.  Keeping an Australian Cattle Dog challenged is key to training this breed.