Breed of the Month–Bulldog

1November 2012


(Other similar breeds:  Olde English Bulldogge, American Bulldog)

Color:  Brindle, red, fawn, piebald, fallow, white
Height:  12-16 inches
Weight:  Males:  50-55 lbs/  Females:  40-50.5 lbs
Life Span:  10-12 years

Breed Health Concerns:  Breathing problems, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, entropion, patellar luxation, stenotic nares, spina bifida, elongated soft palate.

Coat:  Smooth, fine, flat, close, glossy, straight, short.

Country of Origin:  Great Britain

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

Bulldogs were used for the sport of bullbaiting between the 13th & 19th centuries.  The breed’s undershot jaw allowed him to grab the bull at any point on the body, clamp down, and hang on.  After bullbaiting was banned in 1835, the Bulldog was bred as a symbol of tenacity and courage, but as a kind companion instead.

The Bulldog makes an excellent watchdog and although he does have strong protective instincts, he is one of the most gentle breeds.  Today’s Bulldog is extremely affectionate and happy to be around other people and pets when properly socialized.

The Bulldog has a broad head and short nose, leading to breathing problems, and therefore should not be overly exercised.  A short, simple walk will keep this breed more than satisfied.

The Bulldog’s short coat is easy to care for with regular brushing.  Take extra care to keep the wrinkles on his face clean and free from infection.

Extra patience is important when training the Bulldog on basic manners, but this breed will learn fairly quickly when properly motivated.  The Bulldog easily settles into a routine and is friendly with other dogs and people when properly socialized from puppyhood.

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