Breed of the Month–Dalmatian

2January 2012


Color:  Pure white with black or liver spots.
Height:  Males:  22-24 inches/  Females:  21-23 inches
Weight:  Males:  59.5-70.5 lbs/  Females:  53-64 lbs
Life Span:  11-13 years

Breed Health Concerns:  Skin allergies and problems, deafness, hip dysplasia, urolithiasis, hypothyroidism, epilepsy.

Coat:  Dense, sleek, short, hard, glossy
Country of Origin:  Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia)

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

The Dalmatian gained his name from Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia), where the earliest known records were.  With his breed history full of legend, the Dalmatian is known to have worked with horses for many years in early Europe, where the breed eventually became known as an ornament for the wealthy.  Their position has since moved into working alongside firemen, originally running in front of the water carriage and barking to clear the way.

To keep this tradition going, field trials are held today where Dalmatians follow carriages for many miles.  Most any firehouse in the United States today will still have a Dalmatian as their mascot.  The Dalmatian is a high-energy, enthusiastic breed that needs proper positive reinforcement training and socialization to thrive.  The immense amount of energy this breed has can be difficult for many people to manage properly.

The Dalmatian was bred for long journeys alongside fire trucks and coaches and requires a LOT of daily exercise.  This breed is great for the daily runner or biker.  The Dalmatian needs extensive exercise several times a day.  The Dalmatian has one of the highest energy levels of any breed!

The short coat sheds and must be brushed regularly.  Kept clean, the Dalmatian is an eye catcher!

The Dalmatian is a capable and quick learner when properly motivated.  Socialization is highly important for this breed.  The Dalmatian is an independent thinker and does not always focus on the trainer easily.  Patience and consistency are vital when training this breed.