Breed of the Month–Jack Russell Terrier

2October 2012


Jack Russell Terrier

Color:  White, with tan or black markings.
Height:  10-12 inches
Weight:  11-13 lbs (2 lbs for each 2 inches)
Life Span:  12-14 years

Breed Health Concerns:  patellar luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, cerebellar ataxia, myasthenia gravis, congenital deafness.

Coat:  Three types:  broken/ rough/ smooth, all weatherproof.
Country of Origin:  England

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

The Parson John “Jack” Russell began breeding terriers in the 1800s for use in fox hunting.  Russell’s terriers were bred to be bold yet restrained and became distinctively mostly white in color.  The breed standard favored by Russell was set by a group of terrier fanciers in 1904 in England.

Today the shorter-legged version of the breed is known as the Jack Russell Terrier, whereas the more squarely built, longer-legged dog is known as the Parson Russell Terrier.

Fearless and up for any challenge, the Jack Russell Terrier is ready to explore and accompany the family on any adventure.  A great companion, the Jack Russell Terrier is loving, sporty, eager, and frisky.  The breed can become quarrelsome with other people or animals when excited and must be properly socialized from puppyhood.

Alert and active, the Jack Russell Terrier is a high-energy breed that requires large amount of daily exercise.  Although small in stature, the occasional stroll up the block will not keep the Jack Russell satisfied.  Several brisk walks each day are required to keep this energetic breed happy and healthy.

All three coat types are easy to keep clean with regular weekly brushing.

Frequent but short training sessions are necessary to keep this independent minded breed focused.  Properly timed rewards during training are essential.  Proper socialization from puppyhood is important to this breed.