Breed of the Month–Saluki

1March 2011


Color:  Tricolor, fawn, red, white, cream, grizzle, tan, black and tan
Height:  Males:  23-28 inches/  Females:  smaller
Weight:  29-66 lbs
Life Span:  12-14 years
Breed Health Concerns:  eye problems, thyroid problems, heart problems, and cancer.
Coat:  Two types, smooth, and smooth with feathering
Country of Origin:  Iran
Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.
The Saluki name for the breed comes from an ancient Arab city, and the breed itself dates as far back as ancient Egypt.  This sighthound has amazing speed and can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour.  The Saluki has been used for hunting for many centuries.
The Saluki has a very high prey drive, but is even-tempered, gentle dog.  He is independent, dignified, and intelligent.  This sensitive dog is known to “sing” rather than bark.
The Saluki needs plenty of exercise and some good running time every day.  This dog cannot be trusted off leash because of their intense prey/ chase drive.  A good, fast walk each day and some running time will keep the Saluki happy.
The smooth coat Saluki needs only be brushed occasionally.  The feathered type should be brushed a few times each week to prevent tangles and mats from forming.  The ears of any Saluki should be kept clean to remain free from infection.
It is vitally important to teach the Saluki basic obedience right away.  It is hard for this breed to resist his inborn characteristics to chase small prey.  The sensitive Saluki responds best to positive reward based, gentle training.


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