Breed of the Month–Swedish Vallhund

1May 2012

Swedish Vallhund

Color:  Steel gray, reddish yellow, grayish yellow, grayish brown, reddish brown, white markings.
Height:  Males:  12.5-14 inches/  Females:  12-14 inches
Weight:  20-35 lbs
Life Span:  13-15 years

Breed Health Concerns:  Hip dysplasia, renal dysplasia, cryptorchidism, patellar luxation.

Coat:  Double coat.  Dense, soft, woolly, undercoat/ close, harsh, tight, water-repellant outercoat.
Country of Origin:  Sweden

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

Closely related to the Corgi, the Swedish Vallhund, meaning “forest dog,” has worked as a multipurpose farm dog for years.  The Swedish Vallhund was known for his abilities to be a good watchdog, ratter, and cattle driver.  The breed declined in the 1930s and was revitalized by a breeder named Count Bjorn von Rosen.

Alert, energetic, watchful, and fearless, the Swedish Vallhund enjoys vocalizing his happiness and is a natural showoff.  When properly socialized, the Vallhund does well with other pets and children.

A brisk daily walk will keep the Swedish Vallhund physically and mentally fit.  This breed is naturally active.  It is important to keep the weight of a Swedish Vallhund monitored as he is a hearty eater.

Normal weekly brushing is necessary and extra brushing during shedding times.

It is vitally important for the Swedish Vallhund to be socialized early on to all kinds of situations, animals, and people.  This breed is devoted and responsive and is easily trained with positive reinforcement.