Video of the Day: Choosing the right dog…chicken chaser

28April 2017

Video of the Day:
Choosing the right dog for your needs.
Today we are looking for a dog to chase away chickens, but not go after a cat.

I have a new client looking to adopt a dog.  She is looking to get a dog that will chase the feral chickens and roosters off her property, but not go after her cat.  For this, we will be looking for a dog with a good prey drive.  We use a feather duster to see what dogs might be a good potential fit for the client’s needs.  After finding a few potential candidates, we talk with the Maui Humane Society staff to see what they know about these dogs.  One dog in particular likes to chase chickens on their morning walks.  This could be the right dog for the client.  We meet with the dog in a private area, then have the staff do a “cat test.”  The dog reacts well to the cat.  He is interested but does not seem to want to chase the cat.  This is a good sign.  The client and I then sit down to discuss her options and what she thinks she might want to do.
It turns out that the client has a few upcoming commitments that would maybe make now not the right time to adopt.  She decided that it would be best to wait a few weeks and prepare a little more and try again when the time is more right for her.

When considering adopting a new family member into your household, it is important to everything into consideration.  What kind of pet would fit best into your lifestyle.  If you are someone who is very active and goes running every day, a dog that is high or very high energy would be a good choice.  If you are someone who likes to stay home and hang out, a low to medium energy dog might be the best choice.  When considering adopting a new dog, it is important to do your research.  What kind of breed types might be good for you and your family’s needs.  These are important things to consider.  It is also important to note that just because you go the Humane Society or shelter, does not mean you need to find a pet that day.  Perhaps the perfect new pet is not there today.  Never rush into making the decision.  It should feel right, the timing must be good, and you should feel a connection with that animal.

Thank you to Maui Humane Society for your help.