Dog Paddle Boarding, Step One

25August 2017


This video shows the beginning steps to teaching your dog to learn to love being on a paddle board.
To really get your new dog or puppy to love paddle boarding, the best way to start is with the board on dry land.  Here you will see as we add a command word “Get On” to her getting on the board and saying “surf” when the board moves.  By using food, we create a positive association with the dog being on the paddle board.
Use your food to lure the dog onto the board while saying your command, such as “Get on.”  Once the dog hops on, give your “Good” and reward with food.  We then add the command “Surf” as we move the board around to get the dog used to the movement.  Give food rewards often in the beginning.  The more we do this, the more of a positive association the dog will have with being on the board.  Remember to never force a scared or timid dog.  Take your time.  If your dog is frightened of the board, start giving food if the dog even gets close to the board, then if they put one paw on the board, etc.  Keep moving slowly forward until the dog gets on the board then reward with lots of praise and delicious food.