Dogs Playing Poker–Dog Apps/ GameGame

25August 2014

iPhone Apps about dogs/ Dog Game
Released:  April 27, 2010

Dogs Playing Poker

If you enjoy poker, Texas hold-em, and like dogs, you’ll love this app.  I enjoy many types of games.  Generally, I’m not super into poker games, but I very much enjoyed this one.

Although being familiar with the game of poker will help, it isn’t necessary.  There is a tutorial on this game that explains how Texas hold-em is played, and you are given several hands to practice.

You are given one of the dog players, the free version always starts you with the Dalmatian, and off you go with your game.  Games take place in many places from the pound, to a Chinese kitchen.  The cartoon based game play of the dogs is very pleasing and cute.  It actually makes me think I’m playing with dog characters from some sort of Disney movie.

For an additional fee of only $1.99 you are given the opportunity to play with any of the dog characters and change their name.  I was under the impression you would be able to create your own new dog character with this addition fee, but no such luck.

Overall I’d say that this is a GREAT GAME.  If you enjoy Poker and dogs, you can’t really go wrong.  I’d recommend this game to anyone.  It’s also quite fun when you win the round and some of the other dogs growl at you because they lost.