Fall safety tips

23September 2015

With several holidays and cooler weather approaching, I would like to share a few Fall safety tips for your dog.

Have ID on your pet:

Be sure to keep your pet’s identification securely fastened to their collar at all times.

Don’t leave your dog outside unattended:
Most of the U.S. is moving into the fall and winter months.  As it gets colder, be sure not to leave your pet out in the cold weather months.

Watch the holiday food:
With the holidays comes all kinds of yummy food.  Chocolates and candy for Halloween and even more delights for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Be sure to put away extra holiday food where your dog cannot get to it.  Also be especially aware of those things toxic to dogs such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic.  
Although you can add left-over food to your dog’s regular meal, be sure you are not adding weight to your dog at the same time.  Also remember to avoid giving your dog any food item that may contain anything from the list above or anything that is spicy.  
Be sure to avoid allowing your dog to Beg for food, and mix any left overs in with their regular meal.

Don’t forget your dog’s needs:

The holidays become a very busy time for everyone and sometimes our dog’s regular needs can fall to the side.  Be sure to keep up with your dog’s regular physical exercise and mental activities schedule, even when you have company.  All the extra people around can make a dog excited or nervous.  Either way, having a well exercised dog will make the holidays go much more smoothly for everyone.

Halloween night:

If your dog is any way overly anxious, nervous, or excited, I recommend you leave them home during Halloween night.  All kinds of people will be out in all different kinds of costumes and many dogs will be frightened of these things.  If you have any doubts about how your dog may react, it is probably best to leave him at home.  Don’t forget to keep the candy the kids bring home out of reach of your dog.

Monthly medications:
The holidays may be a busy time, but don’t forget to give your dog all their regular monthly things including heart worm and flea/tick prevention (depending on your environment).

If you live somewhere that gets cold with winter snow and ice, be careful with your pet.  These harsh conditions can tear up a dog’s paws if you are not careful.