Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I book an appointment?
A: Please contact us to book a private training lesson. We can schedule a day and time that works best for you. Let us know your dog’s name, age, and breed, and what types of things you would like to work on. We will also need to know where in West Maui you are located, or if you prefer to do training over FaceTime. We recommend that all members of the family be present for training. The dog will need to be up-to-date on all shots. SGDs requires proof of Parvo & Distemper shots from your veterinarian, prior to beginning training.

Q: I have scheduled an appointment. What do I need?

A: For your dog’s training session, please have several different kinds of rewards ready. A treat pouch is helpful. We recommend having at least three different types of treats (if your dog is food motivated). Break up the treats into pea-sized pieces. Food items that are soft and stinky work best. If your appointment is scheduled within three hours of a normal feeding time, hold that meal until after training.

Before your scheduled appointment time, give your dog a small amount of exercise so that they are not full of energy (but don’t make them over tired either). A dog that is properly exercised will be able to pay attention. This will make learning easier and more fun for both of you. If we are meeting in a public space, be sure to bring plenty of water, and any other additional tools requested by the trainer.


Q: What training techniques do you use?
A: Such Good Dogs uses positive reinforcement training techniques, combined with energy balance. Positive reinforcement in dog training means making the dog work to receive something the dog likes. Positive reinforcement training teaches a dog that if he engages in behaviors you like, he will be rewarded for them. Energy balance means being aware of your own energy and feelings when dealing with your dog. Learning to master patience and calmness will help you succeed in training any animal.

Q: Can I volunteer?
A: Yes. We often do training sessions where several extra volunteers are needed, both humans and dogs. The dogs in training are benefitted by having more people available to help. Plus who doesn’t want to make some cute doggy friends? If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us directly and tell us a little about yourself.

Q: What is a socialization training appointment?
A: A socialization lesson will involve your dog meeting other dogs and/or people in a controlled environment. This may involve walking, playing, or even just learning to become comfortable in the same space as others. Such Good Dogs will gather a group of dogs for your dog to socialize with that are best suited towards your individual dog’s needs. For example, if your dog is fearful, we would gather dogs that are very happy-go-lucky, low to medium energy, and have no problems with aggression or other behavior issues. If your dog is aggressive, we would gather dogs that are calm but confident and under control. Socialization is very important and a little proper dog socialization will go a long way!

Q: My dog is extremely fearful. What can I do?
A: Nervous, fearful, and anxious dogs are my number one specialty. I seem to have an innate understanding of what these dogs are feeling and how to help. A fearful dog requires extra patience and understanding. This is one of the most difficult behavior problems to deal with and does take time. We can offer easy ways to help your dog feel less stressed and find confidence in this scary world of ours.

Q: My dog is very aggressive. Can you help?
A: Yes. Such Good Dogs has years of experience working with aggressive dogs. Whether your dog is aggressive with other dogs, other people, or even you, we are here to help!

Q: How many lesson will I need to do?
A: This question is difficult to answer. There is no one answer. The amount of lessons needed will depend on what type of training we are doing, how often we have a lesson, the dog’s speed in learning, the dog’s behavior, and how much time and practice the client puts in.

Q: Can I see you in action before I commit?
A: Yes. If you are curious about our training or methods, you are welcome to come watch a group session. Contact us directly to get a list of upcoming events. You can also check us out on our YouTube page.

Q: Do you do grooming?
A: No. However we do offer training sessions to assist you in learning how to handle your dog that is aggressive or fearful in a grooming situation.

Q: Do you use shock collars?
A: No. Shock collars are based on positive punishment (adding a negative consequence) and negative reinforcement (making the dog work to avoid something unpleasant). We now know that dogs learn more easily and learn more quickly using positive reinforcement training methods.

Q: Why does a first appointment cost more?
A: During a first lesson, the client will fill out paperwork and we will go over a lot of basic information about dogs. Clients also usually have many questions they wish to address. These things take extra time to go over, hence the extra cost.

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