14September 2015


Fetch with Moana.
Fetch is very helpful game that every owner should teach their dog.  It is an excellent  way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out. 
Rules of Fetch:
Dog must Sit.
Dog must Look.
Dog returns toy.
Dog drops toy.
Take your time getting to the final game of fetch (as listed above).  
To start, we must have a toy that the dog likes.  Get the dog interested in the toy, then throw it a 2-4 feet away.  Say “Fetch” as you throw the toy in a very energetic, excited voice.  When the dog reaches the toy, praise if he touches it with his mouth.  Encourage the dog to pick up the toy.  When he does, say your “Good!”  Use Come when Called to encourage the dog to return to you with the toy.  If the dog drops the toy along the way, give your “Uh-oh,” return to the toy and encourage the dog to pick it up again.  When the dog returns with the toy, DO NOT REACH OUT TO GRAB IT.  The dog must learn to bring it to you.  Once the dog is within one foot of you, grab the toy and encourage the dog to drop using your “Drop It” command.  When he does, give your “Good!”  Have the dog Sit.  Good!  Wait a few second; use the toy to practice “Look.”  Once the dog looks in your eyes, throw the toy and say “Fetch.”  Always use lots of energy and excitement to keep your dog interested in the game.


Fetch with Noni.