22October 2019

We had a very scary event today.  There was a serious fire in our neighborhood.  I was across the island with Ahsoka when it happened.  Adam had to rush home to get Caravaggio and Devo out of the house.  When he arrived, our front yard was on fire and the smoke in the house was almost all the way down to the floor.  Poor Caravaggio was running around the house panicking.  Luckily, Adam was able to get them both out and no one in my family was injured.  We were also VERY lucky that the house did not catch on fire.  I’d like to give a very special thank you to the hardworking Maui Fire Department that saved our home and our neighborhood.  I’m very happy my family is safe and sound!

Adam, Caravaggio, and Devo relaxing after the very scary day.
Thank you to our friends for putting us up for the night.

Our front yard.  This bush was huge but most of it was lost in the fire.

Pictures of the area after the fire.