Foster–Calvin, Conclusion

6January 2012

I must say, I really fell in love with Calvin.  If I owned my own house, I would have considered adopting him.

Calvin likes to greet people in a very boisterous way at the door, including jumping up on you the second you get through the door.  Calvin’s foster mom also had 3 other dogs in the house.  To best help Calvin, it was important to work on an Auto-Sit at the door with all four dogs individually, then slowly adding them all together.  Calvin is an extremely fast learner.  I believe Calvin would make an excellent dog for the person who has the time to train and properly exercise him.  Calvin is also somewhat of an escape artist, so it is very important that he be both physically AND mentally challenged on a daily basis.  Calvin has made vast improvements in his behavior over the course of our training and I believe that as long as his foster (or hopefully future adoptive) parents continue to train and challenge him, he will become a fabulous dog.  He is a very sweet and loving dog, and I will truly miss getting to work with him.