Foster–Petie, Day 1

27December 2011

Nothing like being jumped up and have a dog tongue directly in your face the second you walk in the door.  Hello Petie, Lab/ Retriever Mix.

Yet another bouncy lab mix.  What a cutie, almost all white fur, but not really.  I really enjoyed this pup!  However, I do not enjoy not only being jumped on, but being held onto with paws and claws when I try and turn my back.  First things first…DO YOU WALK YOUR DOG?

It was obvious right away that Petie was not getting enough exercise.  Petie’s foster family and I went over the proper way to train your dog to Loose Leash Walk so that he can get more exercise without choking himself, wow do we like to pull.

Next, the biggest problem Petie has…I want to jump all over you.  After showing the fosters the basic, turn your back, and in Petie’s case, walk away from the dog so he can’t latch on, we went into teaching some more basic obedience commands.  Petie is VERY food motivated and picked up things right away.  We worked on Come when called and Auto-Sit (as opposed to Mega-Jump) when greeting guests.  Dogs as food motivated as Petie learn quickly, and he did.