Helpful Ways to Exercise your puppy

14September 2017

When getting a new puppy, sometimes we forget that they need to be “quarantined” before they get their final Parvo shot.  This means that your vet recommends keeping them only in the area of your personal yard and not taking them out into the world where they could potentially pick up the disease.  Parvo is very serious and highly contagious and cause severe health problems and even death in puppies.  Because of this, vets will usually recommend keeping your puppy to one “safe” area until their shots are complete, which is usually around 16 weeks old.  The problem here is that the prime socialization period for dogs is 6-16 weeks.  This is the most critical time to properly socialize your puppy.  However, the fear of Parvo can make this difficult.  I highly recommend contacting  a trainer in your area to safely socialize your puppy at a young age.
Besides socialization, puppies needs LOTS of exercise.  This can be difficult to do when you are not allowed to take your puppy out into the world.  The video & graphic above illustrate some helpful ways to exercise your pup before you are able to take them out after receiving all their Parvo shots.