Interactive Dog Toy–Stuffed Tree Trunk

11December 2012

About a year ago we found this fabulous interactive dog toy at a pet store on the mainland.  This toy was a tree trunk filled with stuffed squirrels with squeakers in them.  This is a GREAT type of interactive toy!  My dogs just loved it, but over the last year it has definitely seen its share of wear and tear!  Recently I was VERY excited to find a similar interactive toy.  This is almost the same, it is a tree trunk, but with squeaky owls inside instead.

This is our newest interactive dog toy.  As you can see from the picture above, the toy comes with 3 smaller squeaky toys that are stuffed inside the bigger toy (the tree trunk).  There are 3 holes in the tree trunk where the dog must pull the toy out of the hole to get it.  I absolutely love these types of toys and very highly recommend them for your dog!  We also often stuff extra squeaky toys into the tree trunk as well.  Our dogs very much enjoy working to pull out their squeaky reward to play with.  This is a great toy for any dog, but I especially recommend them for dogs that need more entertainment when left alone.  This toy is not only physically stimulating for your dog, but mentally stimulating as well.