15October 2013

We recently had a guest dog with us, Jack, a 10-year-old black lab.  Although Jack is a very sweet boy and great with other dogs, he reminded me how important training really is.  This dog had ZERO leash skills and was extremely pushy around doors and with food.  In the two weeks he spent with us, I significantly improved his leash skills (at least he wasn’t dragging me around any more), and taught him patience.  His behavior improved greatly during his stay.  Below are some picture of the fun we had.

Many people I train are often concerned about taking away the “natural dog” behaviors.  Sometimes people believe that giving dogs rules and boundaries takes away from them just being a dog.  To that I have only this to say, look at the pictures…do these dogs look happy?  There are rules, boundaries, and limitations for every single dog that comes into my house, but my dogs (and guest dogs) are very happy.