Prevention and Management OOPS

23August 2011

A big part of dog training is management and prevention.  I recently came across a picture of something one of my own dogs did when he was a puppy.  Caravaggio suffered from severe separation anxiety as a young puppy and was confined when we left the house.  He actually ended up chewing through his crate, through the carpet, and into the wood floor.  So we decided to try something new.  We began gating him in the kitchen so that he could be with his buddy, Nekita.  This worked much better in the long run.  However, one of us was not practicing proper management one day and left a cabinet door open.  I’m sure Vaggy had the time of his life pulling everything out of the cabinet.  We, on the other hand, did not enjoy cleaning it up.  The above picture was actually taken after we already started cleaning.  Naughty puppy!!