Mo & Manu

11October 2019

Some pictures from our training session today with Manu & Mo.  We worked on some socialization with other dogs and with each other.  These two housemates have been fighting with each other since their other dog pack member passed away.  The family is working on rules, boundaries, and socialization.  Also pictured are several of my dogs and our doggie helpers.  Thank you to everyone who was able to help out today.

Mo, Devo, & Manu.

Bella with the gang.

Manu, Devo, Ahsoka, Hilo, & Caravaggio.

Manu & Caravaggio.
Manu is also a very nervous and anxious dog, and he is hyper-attached to his mom.  One thing I like to do with dogs like this is to tie them to another dog that is calm and social.  This helps them transition into the pack, feel what calm energy is, and keeps him from being able to hide under mom.
Both dogs are making progress.  Remember to have lots of patience when doing socialization training.

I also attached Manu to Ahsoka.