Perfect Dog–Dog Apps/ Reference

16March 2015

Perfect Dog
iPhone Apps for Dogs/ Dog Reference
Updated:  May 8, 2013
This a wonderful app to add to your phone.  This reference gives you a list of all (or most) known dog breeds.  You may choose a breed and it will show you pictures of dogs in that breed and then give you basic information on the breed including:  breed origin, height, weight, history, appearance, temperament, and other names the breed may be known by.
For a dog professional such as myself, this has been a very helpful go-to app during training.  For the average person, this app is still a great thing to have.  You can quickly and easily learn about your favorite breed, or look up a random dog you saw at the park.  I would recommend this app to anyone considering adding a new dog to their household.
There is also a section called “Match” on this app where you can choose characteristics of a dog you are looking for and the app will give you several suggestions.
GREAT APP!  I highly recommend this app to any dog lover or dog professional.  Select your breed.  It will first show you pictures of that breed.  One swipe over and you are given tons of info on that breed.