Professional Dog Photos

2May 2021

Have you always wanted some amazing pictures of your dog done by a professional photographer?  Well here is your opportunity!

Such Good Dogs will be holding a dog training and dog photo competition in August.  We are very excited to have professional photographer, Savannah Glasgow, on-hand for this fun event.  Savannah does beautiful work.  We invite you to explore her website to check out some of her work.  (link above)

Such Good Dogs Summer Pawlooza–Saturday August 28th, 2021.

4:00-4:30pm: Check-In
4:30-5:00pm: Group dog photo shoot
5:00-5:30pm: Trick dog photo shoot
5:30-6:00pm: Live dog routine competition
6:00pm-sunset: Judging & Prizes

Group Dog photo shoot:
How many dogs can we get into one fabulous photo? Let’s find out.
Dogs must be able to hold a Sit-Stay or Down-Stay from a distance and be able to Look on command.

Trick Dog & Dog Pack photo shoot:
Dogs must be able to perform and hold a stationary trick, with their handler at a distance. Each dog may perform up to three tricks for the competition. Owners that have more than one dog may also compete in the Dog Pack photo shoot. Your dog pack must all be able to hold a cute pose or trick with the owner at a distance.

Owners will be invited to join their dog in a photo at the start of their shoot.  These photos will also be used to help organize competition numbers.  All dog photos will be made available to owners for a small donation fee.  All proceeds from the event will be donated to one of Maui’s local shelters and/or rescue groups.  Dog photos are for the owner’s personal use only.  (Photos are not intended for commercial use and must not be sold to or used by any other party.  Such Good Dogs reserves all rights to competition photos.)

For more information about our upcoming Summer Dog Pawlooza events, please visit our Blog.