Reactive dog training

15April 2017

Video of the Day:
Reactive dog training.
Featuring:  Ripley.

Ripley is very reactive to things, meaning she has a reaction that we would consider negative or unwanted.  Reactive dogs do things like growl, lunge and bark.  Dogs can be reactive to people, other dogs, or even objects.  Ripley is reactive to most things, but especially to dogs.  In today’s video, we take Ripley around the Banyan tree in Lahaina, then down to the Harbor.  She does very well.  You will see her barking and lunging and growling at a dog at the Harbor.  Lucky for us, the harbor dog is very calm and well mannered and her owner was happy to help.  All they had to do to help us was exactly what they were already doing, their normal day.  The dog was tied so she could only go so far and was very nice and friendly.  She was a great help today.  Thank you Liko.

As you will see in the video, to help train a reactive dog to change their behavior and react in a positive calm way, there are a few things you must do.  First, mark any unwanted or negative behavior with an “Uh-uh” or “uh-oh.”  Then immediately move away from the thing that has made the dog react.  Move far enough away until the dog calms down, then move back towards the thing that made them react.  If they react again, mark it with your “uh-oh” and move away.  Do this until you can get closer to the thing without the dog reacting.  Praise the dog whenever they don’t react or react in a positive way.