Remembering Nekita

4April 2016

When a family pet passes away, it is important to do some things for yourself to help remember and honor them.  When I had to say Goodbye to Nekita, it was the most difficult time of my life.  It has now been almost a month, and I am finally getting to the point where I am not continually filled with sorrow.  It is important to find ways to help yourself heal after such a loss.  

For me, I have chosen to remember Nekita by getting her portrait tattooed on my arm.  Furthermore, her paw print will remain part of my Such Good Dogs logo, and her picture will remain on our Such Good Dogs car, even when we re-do it.

We also finally received her ashes back last week.  We took the other two dogs hiking in one of Nekita’s favorite spots and spread her ashes from the rocks into the ocean.  It was hard and sad and I cried, but it was also very helpful to get a little bit of closure.  Nekita’s favorite thing was the ocean, and it brings me comfort and joy knowing that she will forever be part of the ocean.