Retractable Leash

18May 2010

This is a leash that generally has a hard plastic case where the leash can retract back into.  This leash can extend to various lengths.  Also known as a Flexi-leash.

I absolutely hate these leashes.  I highly recommend if you have this type of leash, that you throw it in the trash and go buy a regular 4-6 foot leash.  Retractable leashes are notorious for teaching a dog to PULL.  To properly train your dog, it is important to have control, the retractable leash does not offer this.  For the dog to extend the retractable leash, he must pull on it.  This actually teaches your dog that pulling is not only acceptable, but that it’s a good thing.  Using a retractable leash is not the way to teach your dog to properly walk on a leash.  Besides that, this leash can actually be quite dangerous.  I have personally witnessed a dog pull so hard to the end of the leash that the leash broke and the dog took off running.  Obviously this is not something we want.  I also worked with another trainer who had a client that lost a finger.  She accidentally got her finger tangled in the rope part of the retractable leash and her dog got excited and pulled really hard.  The leash severed her finger.  Again, this is not something you want.

Take it from the trainer, this leash doesn’t do anyone any good!  If you want your dog to get a little extra freedom while remaining on leash, use a long line leash instead.  This is just a regular leash that is 20-50 feet long.  This will help you keep control at a distance, but is better for your dog’s obedience training and safer for both of you.