Rope Toys

16November 2010

Rope Toys come in variety of sizes, lengths, and shapes.  Some have additions for various entertainment like attached toys or bones, multiple knots, or handles.  Rope toys are made of cotton with highly knotted ropes, and owners must remember to take care to get the appropriate size for their dog.  A rope toy should not be able to fit completely into a dog’s mouth.  Rope toys are interactive toys that should be for supervised playtime only.  NEVER leave a dog unsupervised with a rope toy.  After playtime is over, remove the rope toy and place somewhere the dog cannot get it on his own.  Rope toys can be used to play many games, including helping teach fetch, and can be soaked in cold water to help with teething puppies.  Rope toys are NOT recommended for aggressive chewers.  Because rope toys are soft, they are also not recommended for problem chewers because some dogs can mistake the rope you for fabric and clothing.