Saving money on food

17June 2017

In this video you will get a quick look into a helpful hint:  saving money on dog food.

People throw away 100s of dollars in food every year.  Sometimes we forget about something in the back of the fridge, or we just can’t eat that same left over any longer.  One easy way to help stretch your food budget is too give your dog some of these left-overs.  Be sure to check that any food you’d like to give your dog is actually ok for them to have before you give it to them.  Also keep in mind to avoid any foods your dog may have an allergy to.

We give our dogs tons of left overs:  from rice and sweet potatoes, to all kinds of fruits and veggies.  This will help stretch your food dollar by not wasting as much food.  Every time you add a little human food to your dog’s regular meal, you give them a little less of their kibble.  Everybody wins, plus your dog will love you for the extra yummies.


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