Selfie: Trick Training

27September 2018

Teach your dog a fun trick by training them to put their paw over their nose.  You can add any word you would like to this.  We call this trick, “Selfie.”
To begin you must find something sticky.  Scotch tape and masking tape are an option, but don’t work the best.  What I recommend instead is stickers.  Take a small piece of sticker and stick it to your dog’s nose.  When the dog goes to paw off the sticker, add your word “selfie,” then “Good” and reward with a tasty treat.  Repeat this until your dog starts to understand the Cue word or offer the behavior on their own.  As the dog gets better, start requiring him/her to keep their paw over their nose for another second or 2 before rewarding.  Take your time with it and have fun!