Stay with Distractions

7June 2015


Basic Manners Level Two Class:  practicing Stay with Distractions.
Means to your dog, stay in this position until I come back to release you.  This is not the same thing as Wait.  For this exercise, the dog should either be in the Sit or Down position.  Some owners prefer to have a specific Sit-Stay and Down-Stay as separate commands.  If you would like to do this, please let your trainer know.
There are 3 parts to the Stay Cue:  1) Duration (Time), 2) Distance, 3) Distractions
Adding Distance to Stay:
We will start by slowly adding distance to the Stay command.  Start with one step backwards, then quickly return forwards to the dog and reward.  Then add two steps, pause, return and reward.  Slowly begin to add distance.  If your dog gets up, take the training back a step and make it easier (don’t add as much distance).
Adding Distractions to Stay:
To add a new part of the Stay cue, we must take the other parts of the cue back down to zero.  That means, since we are now adding distractions, the distance and duration of the Stay should be near zero.  You will start by dropping or tossing mild distractions while asking the dog to Stay.  We will slowly begin adding more difficult distractions.