Such Good Dogs Summer Pawlooza

10March 2021

Over the summer, SGDs will be holding several group dog adventure hikes in West Maui. These hikes are intended to help in training and socialization.  Don’t worry if your dog isn’t great around others yet, these events will give us the opportunity to work on your training.

During the second half of each hike, we will stop to practice our Sit-Stay-Look from a distance for our upcoming Summer Pawlooza Training and Photo Shoot Competition.  Please contact us directly to participate in any Dog Adventure Hike.  Updates and cancellations will be posted on our Instagram Page.

Such Good Dogs Summer Pawlooza
Dog Training & Photo Competition

Such Good Dogs will be holding a dog training and dog photo competition in August. We will have a photographer on site to capture all the fun. The goal of these events and this competition is to encourage positive training techniques to cultivate a close bond and lasting relationship between you and your dog.

MAIN EVENT:  Saturday August 21st, 2021.
(Rain Day Sunday August 22nd).

4:00-4:30pm: Check-In
4:30-5:00pm: Group dog photo shoot
5:00-5:30pm: Trick dog photo shoot
5:30-6:00pm: Live dog routine competition
6:00pm-sunset: Judging & Prizes


Group Dog photo shoot:
How many dogs can we get into one fabulous photo? Let’s find out.
Dogs must be able to hold a Sit-Stay or Down-Stay from a distance and be able to Look on command. (Owners will not be included in the final picture).
Over the summer, SGDs will be holding several group dog adventure hikes in West Maui. During these adventures, we will all have the opportunity to practice our Sit-Stay-Look from a distance, while around other dogs. (Visit our Blog for upcoming adventure dates.  Adventures will take place weekly, alternating early weekday mornings and Saturday afternoons).

Qualifications for entry:
Dogs must be up-to-date on all shots including Parvo & Distemper. Vet records will be required for participation. Contestants must be registered with Such Good Dogs, and fill out a Contest Registration Form to participate in the August event. Dogs must be social and friendly around other dogs and people, and be under control by the owner or handler.  Owners must use positive reinforcement training methods for all training prior to and on competition day (no shock collars allowed).

Check In:
Please fully exercise your dog before this time. Don’t forget your dog’s tasty treats!
During check-in, owners and their dog(s) will be assigned a number for the competition. Dogs should be bathed and well groomed for the photo competition.

Trick Dog & Dog Pack photo shoot:
Dogs must be able to perform and hold a stationary trick, with their handler at a distance. Each dog may perform up to three tricks for the competition. Owners that have more than one dog may also compete in the Dog Pack photo shoot. Your dog pack must all be able to hold a cute pose or trick with the owner at a distance.

Live Dog Routine:
Show off all the commands your dog knows by putting them together into a short performance routine (5 minute max). Owners and their dogs may perform any known cues and tricks. We want to see the fun you and your dog have together.

Judging & Prizes:
Pictures from the photo contest will be organized during the Live Dog Routine competition and revealed during judging. A display monitor will be available during judging so that we may all view the pictures. Winners will be announced and prizes given.

Prizes will be awarded to…
*Top 3 Dog Tricks in a photo
*Top 3 Sit-Stay-Look dogs in the group photo
*Top 3 performances in the live routine
*Best Dog Pack photo
SGDs pack members will be participating in photographs but will not be part of the competition or eligible for any prizes or awards.

For more information and details about upcoming summer dog adventure hikes, please visit our Blog Page (All information will be in the drop down list under the Category “SGDs Summer Pawlooza”). Don’t forget to check our FAQs Page for our current Covid rules and restrictions.