7March 2011

Temperament in dogs refers to the way a dog reacts to stimuli or situations.  It is how a dog thinks, behaves, and reacts to things.  A dog’s reaction to stimuli or situations can include:  curiosity, fear, aggression, etc.  Research indicates that dogs (like humans) tend to have a general personality type.  Although breed can play a role in a dog’s overall temperament, it is mainly based on each individual dog.  These natural traits of the dog can be weakened or strengthened through life experiences.  Raising your dog in a positive environment while giving him positive experiences, will help shape a good overall disposition in your dog.

There are seven general dog personality traits:

1)  Shy, fearful, timid
2)  Stubborn, dominant
3)  Nervous, anxious
4)  Hyper, excitable
5)  Calm, low-energy
6)  Aggressive, combative
7)  Moldable, responsive, eager

When looking to add a new dog to your family, keep the above information in mind.  Although every dog deserves a loving home, choosing a dog with a good natural disposition or temperament will help you get the fun-loving family pet you’ve always hoped for.