12October 2012

I am very happy to say that it was not too difficult to start building a new client base in our new home of Napili, (Maui) Hawaii.  Although it has been a slow process, I am gaining new clients all the time and very happy about it.

This is Toby.  Toby was recently adopted from the Maui Humane Society by our neighbors.  Toby has a little bit of a problem being left by himself.  Such Good Dog’s has been working with Toby on kennel training (where his family would like him to stay while they are gone for the day).  Toby has made amazing progress over the past two weeks.  Toby is now much more comfortable with everyday situations and much less anxious.  He is now going into his kennel on command and has slept in his kennel with very little whining before quieting down for the night.
Toby is a very cute little guy and Such Good Dog’s is very happy to have helped him and his family grow together.