Trainer Tips–Dog Friends

5December 2012

This month’s Trainer Tip is about finding friends for your dog.  Your dog needs other doggie friends just like we need other human friends.  Dogs help teach each other things also.  I often use both my own dogs in training other dogs.  Balanced dogs can help teach other dogs boundaries, proper ways of playing, and the importance of being part of the pack.  It can be even easier to meet new dog friends than you might think.  You don’t have to go to a dog park or pet store for your dog to meet friends, there are dogs most places you go…on a hike, to the beach, around your own apartment building or neighborhood, or even on your daily walk.  Remember to always ask the owner if your dog may say hello to the new dog before you allow them to meet.  Some dogs were never properly socialized and may not like meeting other dogs.  To avoid this possible future with your own pup, be sure to introduce your dog to as many new dogs and situations as possible.  The more socialized your dog is with other dogs, the more balanced your dog will become, and the better off you’ll be.