Trainer Tips–Good Behavior

11July 2012

Sometimes we get so focused on the bad things our dogs do we stop noticing the good things.  One helpful tip that I always try and focus on for all my classes…anytime your dog does what you want them to do during training, pretend its the best thing that’s ever happened to you.  Sounds crazy, but its true.  The better you mark the good behaviors, the more likely the dog will engage in more good behaviors in the future.  This is especially true for any behaviors or cues that your dog has extra problems with.  For example, if your dog isn’t so great at Sit, when the dog does Sit well, you should acknowledge that with a “Good Boy!  Good Girl! or Good Dog!”  Praising your dog with positive reinforcement in an upbeat, happy voice goes miles further than yelling at them when they do bad things.

Don’t forget, praise, praise, praise for ALL good behaviors!!!  After the dog performs the desired behavior, treat while saying your marker word “Good/ Yes.”  Lots of praise with an upbeat, happy voice.  Good girl!  Extra petting and love for a job well done, especially for cues you are having trouble with.

Remember…it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you 🙂