Trainer Tips–Picking up Poop in the Dark

4March 2014

So I was hanging out with some neighbors and their dog the other night and we went out to the yard for a last dog potty break before bed.  Many times I see people bring flashlights or use their cell phone to find where the poop landed, but what happens when you have none of these things and are searching for it in the dark?

Well this month’s Trainer Tip is helpful, yet extremely simple.  It’s something I’ve been doing for years now.  Whenever my dog(s) stop circling and go for the Number 2, I point my foot in the direction of where it will land.  That way you don’t have to stare and watch, which of course no one really wants to do, but you also won’t lose it in the dark or bad weather and spend time having to search.  Like I said, simple, but very helpful.

So from now when you take your dog out at night to do his business, just remember to point your foot the direction of where the poop will land and you won’t lose it in the dark.  Of course most of us also have our cell phone on hand, in which case you can turn the light on.

Happy night walking everyone!