Trainer Tips–Save money on dog clean-up bags.

15February 2016

So when I got Nekita as a puppy, I quickly realized that I always needed another poop bag.  I used the poop bag dispensers that attaches to the leash for a long time.  These are great, but can get expensive after awhile.  Since I was in need of saving money (as we all usually are), I decided to start re-using plastic shopping bags.  At first I would just shove them in my pocket, which works alright in winter when I have a hundred pockets for things, but not so well in the summer.  Having mountains of random plastic bags in all my pockets started getting irritating and I realized what must be done.

This was something my mom actually taught me when I was little and we got our first dog when I was 12.  Here is step by step instructions on how to roll re-used plastic bags so they fit nicely into your pocket and are less of a hassle.

Grab the bag by the bottom.  Shake the bag out.


Fold the bag in half (lengthwise).  Fold in half again.


Wrap the bottom of the bag around one finger.

Twirl the bag around your finger keeping it tight.


When you reach the top of the bag, find the handles and open them.

Twist the handles around and over the rolled bag. Twist handles around again.


Pull the bag off your finger and place in your bag storage area.
Note for Hawaii residents:  Since stores in Hawaii do not usually have plastic bags at the check-out, instead make sure to save the plastic bags provided for all your veggies and meat products and use those bags for poop clean up.