Trainer Tips- Shedding

19June 2013

As our weather gets warmer, our favorite friends start loosing more and more of their furry coats.  This month’s Trainer Tip is a reminder to BRUSH YOUR PUPS.

Now this may sound like a silly reminder, but its not always something we think of.  Or we think, “wow look at all this fur, I should really brush my dog,” then forget about doing so 20 minutes later.

The best way I have found to remind myself, is to work in brushing the dogs with my weekly cleaning schedule.  When I am in the process of cleaning the massive amount of pet fur that have collected, I am reminded 10-fold that I should brush the dogs.  This is the perfect reminder for us to pay attention to.  So somewhere in the midst of my cleaning and laundry shores, I take the time to take the pups out for a good brushing.  I also usually bring their ball and we will brush for a bit, then play fetch until they are starting to pant fairly hard, then a little more brushing before we come in.

I also try to get at least two separate times throughout the week where I take them out to brush.  This helps get as much fur off as possible, and helps me feel like I have kept as much of it as possible outside my house.

There are several different types of brushes available.  It is important to pick one that will work best for your dog.  Both my dogs benefit most from what is called a “shedding blade.”  Another personal favorite of mine is called the “FURminator.”  This thing works magical wonders.  Again, it’s going to depend on your dog’s breed and type of hair.  It’s always good to ask a professional groomer for help and tips on grooming your particular dog’s type of fur.

Another Helpful Hint:
Many dogs will get tufts of fur you can actually just pull out.  This is VERY helpful.  It’s faster than brushing it out.  But be careful, don’t pull to the point where your are hurting your dog.  This should be fairly gently and non-invasive for your dog.