Trainer Tips–The Game of Chase

7May 2012

Some trainers will tell you not to play the game of chase with your dog.  This is not necessarily true.  If you have a dog that is a runner and likes to escape and you end up “playing chase” to try and catch them on a regular basis, then the game of chase really isn’t for you.  Otherwise, if your dog enjoys playing this game, it is okay to do.  Just keep in mind a few simple rules for the game of chase.

Rule #1:  ALWAYS end a game of chase by having the dog come to you.  We want the dog to understand that running from you is only part of the game.  If you always end the game with the dog coming to you, he will not make a habit of just randomly running away from you.  If your dog has a poor recall or does not come when called at all, do not play this game!

Rule #2:  Never play the game of chase for more than a few minutes.  Chase can be fun for getting out a few extra spurts of energy, but you should try and focus most often on interactive games with your dog, such as fetch.

When the game is over, the dog(s) must Come to you.  LOTS of petting and praise for coming to you after the game is over.    We always end all playtime games (chase, fetch, etc) with the command of “All Done.”