Training Programs

15February 2011

There are several different types of training programs you may be interested in to help train your dog.


Obedience Training means teaching your dog to perform certain specific behaviors on cue.  These include things such as sit, heel, and down.  Just training your dog to perform certain behaviors on cue does not automatically make him a good dog.  A dog needs to be all around well-balanced to be a good member or your family and of society.  Basic dog training is a great place to start with a trainer in your area.

Problem Solving is the prevention, curtailment, or elimination of undesired behaviors, or “problem behaviors.”  These problems can include things such as:  chewing, jumping, digging, and elimination in the house.


Behavior Modification is the management, curtailment, or elimination of complex and dangerous behaviors.  These include things such as:  separation anxiety, aggression, and phobias.  Dealing with these types of problems takes a patient owner, an owner that will remain calm during these situations, and an owner that is willing to put the time in.  These problems are often times more difficult to deal with for many people, and usually take longer to modify, but is IS possible to train your dog out of these dangerous habits.


Activity Training means teaching a dog a specific activity.  These include things such as:  agility, flyable, herding, and cart pulling.  Many dog training facilities offer several of these activities.  These types of activities are especially helpful to train dogs of certain breeds.  For example, herding breeds enjoy doing herding activities.  Larger breeds such as the Saint Bernard may enjoy cart pulling.  Many different types of breeds can excel at agility.  If your dog is a breed that needs a lot of mental and physical activity on a regular basis, I highly recommend some type of activity training.  Keep in mind that just because your dog is of a breed that usually enjoys herding, that does not mean your dog will love it.  Each dog (just like each person) has their own likes and dislikes.  Your dog should look relaxed and like he’s enjoying himself when engaging in any type of activity training.