VIDEO: Teaching your dog to swim in the ocean: Step Two

7November 2014

Here is the video for Step Two of teaching your dog to swim in the ocean.  Keep in mind that these videos do go together for training.  Teaching your dog to swim in the ocean Step One should be one day of training.  Step 2 should be done over several training sessions, while also mixing in Step One when your dog is feeling relaxed.

Always remember to stay calm during any training, especially when the training involves something new and intimidating, such as ocean waves.  Take training slowly…ease your dog into new things.  You should never rush a dog that is obviously nervous or afraid.  Don’t feel bad if it takes more time than you think it should.  If you do not rush your dog, you will have him loving the beach in no time. Also remember that it’s important for the dog to witness you (and if possible other dogs) having fun at the beach.  This tells the dog that this is a fun place to be.  Encourage your dog with praise when they are calm and/or relaxed.

Check out our YouTube Video:  “Teaching your dog to swim in the Ocean, Step Two.”